Brett Burney is quoted in an article for entitled “Pursuing Legal Cloud Computing Security Standards: Legal Market Reactions” that appeared on March 24, 2016. The article was authored by Marriott Murdock, Marketing Director for NetDocuments.

Brett Burney:

Most cloud computing services today are developed for the general consumer market. Every user certainly has a general desire to keep their data private, but lawyers have an additional ethical duty to protect information entrusted to them. Most consumer-focused cloud services either don’t know this or they don’t care. The LCCA Security Standards are a superb start. The vendors in the LCCA have been answering the same, repetitive, fear/uncertainty/doubt questions from lawyers on security for years now so it makes sense they create a set of consistent standards. Besides, the ABA and approximately 20 states have already addressed the topic and allow lawyers to store client confidential information in the cloud as long as they take reasonable precautions to protect the information. That’s the same standard imposed on lawyers for protecting information on their mobile devices (passcode) and laptops (passwords & encryption).

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