E-discovery consultant Brett Burney is interviewed for a story for the ABA Journal online entitled “Low-cost e-discovery services target small firms, simpler cases” (entitled “eDiscovery on a Dime” in the June 2015 printed ABA Journal magazine).

The article features Brett Burney discussing some of the tools and services available for smaller firms and smaller cases when it comes to e-discovery.

The learning curve for the entry-level systems (also known as self-service e-discovery) is a snap, says Brett Burney, founder of Burney Consultants of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. “If you can use standard tools found in any law firm—Google, Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, Westlaw, Lexis,” Burney says, “then you will be comfortable using these tools with little training or introduction.” Logging on to the e-discovery results in the cloud is also painless. Just about any PC, laptop or tablet will do. “All you need is a Web browser,” Burney says.

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