Primping Your PDFs

Primping Your PDFs – ABA GP|Solo TechNotes Column – Brett Burney The Portable Document Format has decisively emerged as the standard for electronic court filing, scanning, and the digital distribution of documents. And while most people know how to create and open a PDF, the majority of legal professionals never go beyond those two tasks. …Read the full article on Technology eReport…

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Review: Nuance PDF Converter 6

Review: Nuance PDF Converter 6 – – Brett Burney Each category of software has one application that becomes the standard for comparison: Microsoft Outlook for e-mail, Microsoft Word for documents,Photoshop for pictures, etc. But for each application at the top of the list, there’s at least one main competitor that provides a comparable palette of tools and features. The biggest difference [...]

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Social Networking and Legal OnRamp

Social Networking And Legal OnRamp – LJN Legal Tech Newsletter – Brett Burney It’s tough to gain clients. It’s even tougher to stay connected with those clients and maintain consistent lines of communication. True to all the hype, social networking tools are posed to be the next stage in the evolution of effective client communication. …Read the full article on [...]

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Trends in Technology: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Netbooks

Trends in Technology: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Netbooks – ABA GP|Solo TechNotes Column – Brett Burney I would confidently guess that many of you responded with 1) email and 2) surfing the Web. And while we all certainly create documents and run other applications on our computers, the vast majority of our computing activities [...]

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Storing Your Firm’s Data ‘In the Cloud’

Not surprisingly, online data storage can generate a bit of queasiness. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to protect client information from inadvertently falling into the hands of inappropriate others; failing to carry through with that duty can generate unfortunate repercussions. …Read the full article on…

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Can Google Chrome Power Your Browser?

When Google created Chrome, it wanted to see what would happen if a Web browser was built from scratch to exploit the interactivity of Web 2.0 -- to "completely rethink the browser." Consultant Brett Burney compares the souped-up Chrome with IE7 and Firefox to measure its success. Read more on

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Meaning in Metadata – Ensuring your documents don’t reveal more than you intend

Meaning in Metadata – InsideCounsel InsideTech Newsletter – Brett Burney Ensuring your documents don’t reveal more than you intend Metadata gets a lot of bad press. Whenever it’s mentioned, someone is getting blistered by hidden data they negligently left in an electronic file. Metadata is actually a functional and necessary element of files managed by a [...]

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Empower Your Browser: New Possibilities

Empower Your Browser: New Possibilities – LJN Legal Tech Newsletter – Brett Burney Web browsers aren’t just for browsing anymore. In the early days of the World Wide Web, all you needed was a way to read text. The Web browser has evolved into a platform for our digital lives, offering more interactivity while moving further beyond [...]

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