Clearwell Views E-Discovery With Ease

Clearwell Views E-Discovery With Ease – – Brett Burney Clearwell Systems has garnered a lot of praise over the last few years and enjoyed an impressive amount of success in the e-discovery market. In 2008 and 2009, Clearwell received a “strong positive” in Gartner’s annual “MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors.” In 2009, Clearwell was [...]

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No Robotics – Digital dictation Still Involves Human Interaction

No Robotics – Digital dictation Still Involves Human Interaction – Law Technology News – Brett Burney Commonly confused with speech recognition, digital dictation involves humans to interpret and translate spoken word into text. By contrast, speech recognition uses software to attempt to convert speech into computerized text. Today’s digital dictation does not require clumsy equipment — in [...]

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iBlaze 3.0 Goes Native

iBlaze 3.0 Goes Native – – Brett Burney Good software ages gracefully. And that’s an appropriate portrayal of iBlaze 3.0 — the latest release of the flagship litigation support software from CT Summation.   …Read the full article on…

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NearPoint Archives E-Mail for E-Discovery

NearPoint Archives E-Mail for E-Discovery – – Brett Burney The battle line of e-discovery continues to march towards the left side of theElectronic Discovery Reference Model. Today’s enterprises are struggling to gird themselves against the unrelenting explosions of electronic data by implementing products to manage electronically stored information before a lawsuit is even considered or filed. Vendors are scampering to [...]

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High Speed Flying

High Speed Flying – Law Technology News – Brett Burney In the beginning was dial-up, and it was good — assuming you could find a wall jack. Then came wi-fi, which was pronounced risky — unless used with an impenetrable password. Today there is mobile broadband — delivered over the same wireless waves accessed by your cell [...]

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The Hype About Skype

The Hype About Skype – ABA GP|Solo TechNotes Column – Brett Burney Skype is a quirky little service that you might be tempted to dismiss as something that’s too “techie” to use. The fact is, Skype is a fantastic, free communication tool. I’ll explore the basic setup and operation of Skype in this column, but know that [...]

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Technology at the Masters Conference

Technology at the Masters Conference – – Brett Burney The Masters Conference buzzed through the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., on October 13 and 14, supporting a rich cast of e-discovery specialists, pundits and exhibitors. Typically, the Masters has a laser focus on e-discovery, but this year the conference expanded its coverage to address risk management and security [...]

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Review: TextMap Version 5

Review: TextMap Version 5 – – Brett Burney A bunch of loose nails can be pounded with a shoe or a rock, but why not buy a hammer so you have the right tool for the job? Similarly, a load of transcripts can be tagged with sticky flags and painstakingly summarized on a yellow legal pad, [...]

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Nuance OmniPage 17

Anyone who practices law knows that the ubiquitous PDF is the standard for digital document delivery. But creating them from a scanned image is frequently "lassoed with quibbles," notes consultant Brett Burney. With that in mind, Burney evaluates how OmniPage 17 rebuts his cavils. Read more on

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The Emerging Field of Electronic Discovery Project Management

The Emerging Field of Electronic Discovery Project Management – TechnoLawyer – Brett Burney Many litigators consider themselves “project managers” because they constantly juggle deadlines, people, tasks, and documents. But formal project management is a professional, technical discipline that has become indispensable in litigation matters, especially electronic discovery projects. In this TechnoFeature article, eDiscovery consultant and project [...]

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