Brett Burney Reviews Logikcull on – Cloud-Based E-Discovery Document Review

Review: Logikcull Simplifies Review in E-Discovery – Brett Burney – Electronic data discovery software has come a long way over the last three decades. In the late ’80s we stuffed servers and CD towers full of scanned images. In the late ’90s and early 2000s we saw the rise of high-end, high-priced hosted systems. Today, [...]

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Product Review: Catalyst Insight

Product Review: Catalyst Insight – – Brett Burney Searching documents in e-discovery should be fast. No one has time to wait for a database to churn out search results. Fortunately, most of today’s hosted document review platforms are speedy enough, but could they be faster? That’s a question that John Tredennick and his team at [...]

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Product Review: Digital WarRoom

Product Review: Digital WarRoom – – Brett Burney Gallivan, Gallivan & O’Melia’s Digital WarRoom is used by legal professionals to plan and execute a comprehensive attack on the processing, review, and production of ESI, says consultant Brett Burney.  …Read the full article on…

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Adobe Overhauls Interface With Acrobat X

Adobe Overhauls Interface With Acrobat X – – Brett Burney Forsaking the traditional Arabic numeral 10 for the hipper Roman X, Adobe Acrobat’s latest version delivers an interface overhauled for efficiency and accessibility. The revamped look is by far the biggest change — most everything else are tweaks and improvements on existing features.  …Read the full [...]

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How to Build Electronic Briefs

How to Build Electronic Briefs – ABA GP|Solo Magazine – Brett Burney You can put an “e” in front of just about anything today and label it a revolution. Consider what e-mail has done for client communication. Look at how e-discovery has transformed litigation practices. So why not create an “e-brief”—an electronic brief?   …Read the full article on ABA [...]

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Nobody’s Perfect at the ABA TECHSHOW

Nobody’s Perfect at the ABA TECHSHOW – – Brett Burney The annual ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago has always been more than a bustling exhibit hall bookended by enticing continuing legal education sessions. Attendees discover the most valuable benefit comes from meeting and interacting with other legal professionals who are there to answer the same questions and work through the [...]

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PSS Systems Atlas Shoulders Legal Holds

PSS Systems Atlas Shoulders Legal Holds – – Brett Burney Legal holds have been receiving a lot of attention lately. They were a hot topic at LegalTech New York and they continue to be in the news, as well as a topic for judicial scrutiny.   …Read the full article on…

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