Legaltech 2017 Notes, Observations, and Proclamations

I know we were supposed to call it "Legalweek: The Experience" but it's hard to get everyone to re-brand in one year, and it still felt like the same old Legaltech (not necessarily a bad thing). Monica Bay offered an expert write-up on the conference remodel but I agree with Mary Mack in that piece that [...]

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Brett Burney Reviews Thomson Reuters’ SaaS-Based Document Review Platform: eDiscovery Point

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews eDiscovery Point from Thomson Reuters in the June 2016 issue of Legaltech News magazine. eDiscovery Point is a SaaS-based document review platform recently offered by Thomson Reuters in early 2016. eDiscovery Point allows customers to upload data and review documents through a web browser. I honestly wanted to snub eDiscovery Point, but Thomson Reuters has delivered [...]

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Brett Burney’s Review of Thomson Reuters’ eDiscovery Point Quoted in Legaltech News Article Announcing LTN’s 2016 Product of the Year

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviewed the SaaS-based, document review platform from Thomson Reuters’ called eDiscovery Point for the June print issue of Legaltech News magazine (reprint hosted by Thomson Reuters). On June 22, 2016, LTN’s panel of experts echoed Brett’s conclusion in naming eDiscovery Point LTN’s Product of the Year. The Legal Solutions Blog from [...]

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Brett Burney Article “Setting Up an All-Mac Law Office” Featured on Attorney at Work

Brett Burney’s article, “Setting Up an All-Mac Law Office,” was featured last month on the Attorney at Work website as part of the “Read of the Classics: Best of Attorney at Work” series. You can also read “Part Two: Lawyers Who Use Macs: Why They Do It and How” where Brett interviews four Mac-using attorneys who provide [...]

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The History and Future of Summation Software – “old Summation” vs. “new Summation”

If you have been around litigation support or e-discovery for any length of time, you've encountered Summation. AccessData, who currently owns Summation, recently tweeted tweeted a link to Terry Mazura’s review of Summation 6.0 and they graciously let you download it from their website. In my article on, I go through a little history of the Summation [...]

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Can Planet Data’s Exego Select Make ECA More Efficient? Brett Burney Reviews Planet Data’s Exego Select Early Case Assessment Tool for Legaltech News

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews Exego Select from Planet Data in the May 2016 issue of Legaltech News magazine. Exego Select is the tool offered by Planet Data that allows litigation teams to filter and cull information before being sent to a document review platform. Contrary to popular thought, there's more to e-discovery than just [...]

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iConect-XERA: Easing Legal Review? Brett Burney Reviews iConect-XERA for Legaltech News

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews iConect-XERA, the web-based document review platform from industry veteran iConect. The review first appeared in the April 2016 issue of Legaltech News magazine. Originally iConect nXT, the company released its updated XERA platform in 2011. Users get an immediate sense that iConect-XERA is a mature, Web-based platform that could only [...]

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Customizing Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 with Macros – Guest Post on GlobalMacIT

Brett Burney contributed a guest post to the GlobalMacIT blog on how to customize Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac with Macros. Brett Burney received a question from a Mac-using lawyer on how they could customize Microsoft Word on the Mac since it doesn't have the same options for customization as the Windows version of the [...]

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Cloud-Based Liquid Litigation Manager Provides Service On The Go (Brett Burney reviews Liquid Lit Manager)

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews Liquid Lit Manager from LLM Inc. for Legaltech News. Liquid Lit Manager is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that offers a variety of tools in addition to document review. In the e-discovery world there's no shortage of document review platforms. But surprisingly, there's very little software to help litigators comprehensively [...]

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ABA TECHREPORT 2015: Litigation and TAR

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney co-authored the "Litigation and TAR" section of the ABA TECHREPORT 2015 for the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association. Co-author Paul Unger reported on findings from the ABA TECHREPORT that covered how technology is being used in the court room and the state adoption of electronic filing. Brett Burney [...]

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