E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews Exego Select from Planet Data in the May 2016 issue of Legaltech News magazine.

Exego Select is the tool offered by Planet Data that allows litigation teams to filter and cull information before being sent to a document review platform.

Contrary to popular thought, there’s more to e-discovery than just document review. The processing phase of the E-Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) historically refers to the conversion of paper and files into static TIFF images, but today it offers a compelling opportunity to filter out worthless data that would be a waste of time (and money) to view.

Some call this early case assessment (ECA), or more fittingly early data assessment (EDA), referring to the practice of letting a computer help you exclude, filter and cull out files in much the same way we trust a computer to filter out spam. No one wants to waste time reading messages that are completely irrelevant to our daily workflow.

You can read the full review on Legaltechnews.com entitled “Can Planet Data’s Exego Select Make ECA More Efficient? The SaaS solution filters documents early for greater efficiency.”

Planet Data also posted a PDF reprint of the print version on their website entitled “ECA, Selected – Planet Data’s Exego Select filters documents early for greater efficiency.”