E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviewed the SaaS-based, document review platform from Thomson Reuters’ called eDiscovery Point for the June print issue of Legaltech News magazine (reprint hosted by Thomson Reuters).

On June 22, 2016, LTN’s panel of experts echoed Brett’s conclusion in naming eDiscovery Point LTN’s Product of the Year. The Legal Solutions Blog from Thomson Reuters offered a write-up on the event as well.

Among Brett’s remarks were the following:

…Thomson Reuters has delivered a triumph of simplicity, capability, and pricing practicality. Even more impressive, this is just the beginning: Thomson Reuters has the resources to make eDiscovery Point a formidable offering in the SaaS document review market.

You can read Brett’s full review in the June issue of Legaltech News magazine. Thomson Reuters also graciously posted a reprint.