Brett Burney’s article, “Setting Up an All-Mac Law Office,” was featured last month on the Attorney at Work website as part of the “Read of the Classics: Best of Attorney at Work” series.

You can also read “Part Two: Lawyers Who Use Macs: Why They Do It and How” where Brett interviews four Mac-using attorneys who provide their tips and software recommendations that enable them to successfully use Macs in their practice.

With the exponential increase in law firms going “all Mac” each year, Brett’s piece articulates the long-term savings and stability that a Mac-based office provides.  In pointing out a frustrating lack of legal-specific Mac-based software, he recommends several programs that all Mac-based firms must purchase to bridge the gap.

Brett also provides links to several software options used by Mac-only law offices across the board.

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Brett Burney is the author of Macs in Law and Apps in Law and Principal of Burney Consultants, an independent eDiscovery consultation company, based in Cleveland, Ohio.