A new effort to inform busy litigators, TechnoLawyer recently released a 2-part “Micro-Symposium” on litigation best practices for their free LitigationWorld newsletter.

Leading e-discovery experts were commissioned to respond—in less than 150 words—to the question, “What best practice and/or technology do many litigators not currently use that would help them achieve better results for clients?”

Notable contributors also include Craig Ball, Ralph Losey, and John Tredennick. Brett Burney provided the following advice regarding the importance of keeping up with clients’ email practices—as well as being able to speak to the increasing likelihood of cloud-based email services:

Email is still one of the juiciest sources of electronic evidence in litigation matters, but most attorneys just toss some vague instructions to their clients on how to search, collect, and preserve those crucial messages.

Seventy-two percent of enterprises have at least one piece of their technology infrastructure in the cloud today — and it’s often their email. Companies of all sizes are moving to either Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365.

It’s important to know what subscription level your client is using since higher-end options offer Google Vault for archiving and ediscovery tools, or Compliance Center for legal holds and analytics through Microsoft’s acquisition of Equivio. You’ll need to talk directly with your client’s IT administrator to ensure they are utilizing these built-in tools appropriately.

You don’t need to become an expert in cloud computing, but litigators must be better informed about how their clients are accessing, storing, and collecting email.

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Brett Burney is the Principal of Burney Consultants, an independent eDiscovery consultation company, based in Cleveland, Ohio.