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Brett Burney Moderates E-Discovery Panel at ILTA Ohio Litigation Support Statewide Event (Nov. 5, 2015)

Brett Burney is moderating a panel entitled "20 E-Discovery Warnings & Tips in 60 Minutes" at the 7th Annual ILTA Ohio Litigation Support Statewide Event in Columbus, OH on Thursday, November 5, 2015. The panel is comprised of attorneys, litigation support managers and records managers from law firms and corporations around the region. More information [...]

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Democratizing E-Discovery: Nextpoint Solves Review, Trial Prep Needs

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviewed Nextpoint's document review platform, one of the pioneers in cloud-based legal services. In 2001, Nextpoint provided a SaaS platform for trial presentation and deposition preparation and has since evolved to support document review as well. In the past, Nextpoint has trumpeted its ambition to “democratize e-discovery” so that every lawyer [...]

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Brett Burney Speaks at West Virginia Solo & Small Firm Conference – Sept. 25-26

Brett Burney is speaking on several topics at the West Virginia Solo & Small Firm Conference taking place in Morgantown, WV on Friday, Sept. 25 and Saturday, Sept.26, 2015. Registrations are still being accepted and attendees are also invited to attend the football game rivalry against Maryland immediately following the end of the conference on [...]

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The Definitive Guide for Lawyers that Want to Use Macs in their Law Office

Three years ago I was honored to write "So You Want an All Mac Office?" for the fantastic Attorney at Work blog. The post continued to rack up hits over the years so the editors asked if I would architect an update. It was published last week: "Still Want an All-Mac Law Office? What You Need and How You Can Do [...]

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Lawyers and iPads: What Will Law Firms Do Differently in 5 Years Thanks to Going Mobile?

Brett Burney was interviewed for a blog post entitled "Lawyers and iPads: What Will Law Firms Do Differently in 5 Years Thanks to Going Mobile?" that appeared on the Relativity Blog on July 24, 2105. kCura is one of the few e-discovery vendors that offers a companion iPad app (Relativity Binders) for their document review [...]

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Desktop E-Discovery – Ipro Eclipse SE Keeps E-Discovery Local, on the Desktop

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviewed the desktop-based Eclipse SE document review software from Ipro Tech Inc. Brett found that the software was an excellent option for law firms looking to replace their legacy document review software: I failed to find the same limitations in Eclipse SE that burden other similar desktop document review tools. I [...]

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“How To Effectively Use The Technology You Own and Make Money While Doing It!” – Kanwaha County Family Law Bench Bar Committee

Brett Burney will present "How to Effectively Use the Technology You Own and Make Money while Doing It!" to the Kawaha County Family Law Bench Bar Committee of the West Virginia State Bar on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. The presentation will offer recommendations on hardware and software along with a multitude of tips and tricks [...]

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Low-Cost E-Discovery Services Target Small Firms, Simpler Cases (aka “E-Discovery on a Dime”)

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney is interviewed for a story for the ABA Journal online entitled "Low-cost e-discovery services target small firms, simpler cases" (entitled "eDiscovery on a Dime" in the June 2015 printed ABA Journal magazine). The article features Brett Burney discussing some of the tools and services available for smaller firms and smaller cases [...]

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Reviewing Catalyst for Your eDiscovery Litigation Needs

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews Catalyst Insight and Insight Predict: Catalyst is one company that’s been on the forefront of the eDiscovery battles for years and they continue to push the boundaries of how technology can help lawyers face the struggling challenges involved in eDiscovery. Read more on Law Technology Today.

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