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How Do I Collect Evidence from the Web and Properly Authenticate It? FREE Webinar on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One of the most important questions in e-discovery today is how to properly and comprehensively collect web content and social media evidence. Like e-mail, social media is one of the richest sources of relevant information about any litigation matter but many lawyers don’t understand how to properly collect it. We resort to old-school tools like [...]

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FREE Webinar! Brett Burney to Present “Advanced Mobile Lawyering Tactics” – Friday, July 14, 2017

How deep have you incorporated a mobile device into your law practice? Still just checking e-mail and making birds angry? Wanna do more? Join me tomorrow (Fri., July 14, 2017) for a FREE!! webinar on “Advanced Mobile Lawyering Tactics” to learn how to REALLY use your mobile device including: File management Note taking Portable scanner [...]

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FREE Webinar! Brett Burney to Present “Top 10 Apps for Lawyers” sponsored by MyCase – Wednesday, April 19

Here’s one of the top questions I hear every day from lawyers and legal professionals: “What apps do I need to download for my tablet or mobile phone?” Everyone wants to know about the best apps for getting your work done on a mobile device and this FREE webinar will tell you: “Top 10 Apps [...]

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Legaltech 2017 Notes, Observations, and Proclamations

I know we were supposed to call it "Legalweek: The Experience" but it's hard to get everyone to re-brand in one year, and it still felt like the same old Legaltech (not necessarily a bad thing). Monica Bay offered an expert write-up on the conference remodel but I agree with Mary Mack in that piece that [...]

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FREE Webinar! Brett Burney to Speak on Boosting Mac Efficiency in Small Law Firms – December 15, 2016

Are you already using a Mac in your practice but believe you should be MORE efficient? Are you considering moving from Windows to a Mac but just want to be sure it's the right decision? Then don't miss my FREE webinar I'm hosting with my friend Ernie Svenson (aka Ernie the Attorney) at Paperlesschase.com and [...]

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Brett Burney the Featured Guest on Civilly Speaking Podcast to Discuss Using the iPad in Your Practice

The Ohio Association for Justice has posted its two-part podcast interview with Brett Burney about how to use an iPad in a legal practice. The Civilly Speaking podcast is hosted by Sean Harris of the law firm Kitrick, Lewis & Harris Co., L.P.A and is the monthly podcast of the Ohio Association for Justice. In [...]

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The History and Future of Summation Software – “old Summation” vs. “new Summation”

If you have been around litigation support or e-discovery for any length of time, you've encountered Summation. AccessData, who currently owns Summation, recently tweeted tweeted a link to Terry Mazura’s review of Summation 6.0 and they graciously let you download it from their website. In my article on www.ediscoveryinfo.com, I go through a little history of the Summation [...]

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Pursuing Legal Cloud Computing Security Standards: Legal Market Reactions – Brett Burney Quoted on Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Brett Burney is quoted in an article for Legaltechnews.com entitled "Pursuing Legal Cloud Computing Security Standards: Legal Market Reactions" that appeared on March 24, 2016. The article was authored by Marriott Murdock, Marketing Director for NetDocuments. Brett Burney: Most cloud computing services today are developed for the general consumer market. Every user certainly has a [...]

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iConect-XERA: Easing Legal Review? Brett Burney Reviews iConect-XERA for Legaltech News

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews iConect-XERA, the web-based document review platform from industry veteran iConect. The review first appeared in the April 2016 issue of Legaltech News magazine. Originally iConect nXT, the company released its updated XERA platform in 2011. Users get an immediate sense that iConect-XERA is a mature, Web-based platform that could only [...]

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Cloud-Based Liquid Litigation Manager Provides Service On The Go (Brett Burney reviews Liquid Lit Manager)

E-discovery consultant Brett Burney reviews Liquid Lit Manager from LLM Inc. for Legaltech News. Liquid Lit Manager is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that offers a variety of tools in addition to document review. In the e-discovery world there's no shortage of document review platforms. But surprisingly, there's very little software to help litigators comprehensively [...]

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